UrbanisMO: Ano ang Plano mo?

Urban planning speaks of ensuring the “highest and best use” of land. Experts variably describe this through a number of buzzwords: “green”, “smart”, “resilient”, “just”, “equitable”. But who defines and decides on these uses? Highest and best use–for whom?

But what do YOU want for YOUR city? What can you do about it?

UrbanisMO invites development practitioners, urban planners, data scientists, and interested citizens of all ages to discuss four crucial issues that can make or break Philippine cities: a) Transportation; b) Housing and urban poverty; c) Disaster risk reduction and management, and d) Addressing urban conflict.

By focusing on alternative scenarios, visions, and paths of engagement, the forum encourages interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration towards useful solutions to the Philippines’ urban problems, at human scale.

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