UrbanisMO.ph is a collective of individuals and groups interested in difficult conversations about urban development and design. The goal is to support multiple platforms for research and practice that can help make cities in the Philippines work better for all Filipinos. Urbanisasyon para sa mas nakararami. Their working question is, ano ang klaseng urbanisasyon na para sa ‘yo? Ano ang urbanisMO?

Rob Siy is an economist who specializes in the planning, delivery, and management of infrastructure projects, with a focus on public transit projects and policy. Rob writes at RenegadeUrbanism.com.

Miguel Dorotan is a medical doctor who loves to travel. His work focuses on Public Health in Emergencies and Disasters within the Philippines and overseas. He worked for local and National Governments, NGOs and UN agencies during Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, the Nepal Earthquake, the Marawi Crisis among others. He is also a Health Systems Policy Researcher and teacher in various universities.

Ica Fernandez is a spatial planner, development worker, and amateur scribbler of things. She has been working on peace processes in the Philippines since 2010, specializing in land and cultural heritage issues and the implementation of socio-economic programs in situations of armed conflict, among other hats. She holds degrees in planning, growth and regeneration from the University of the Philippines and the University of Cambridge. Ica’s occasional writing can be found at Notes From the Field.

Ivan Ledesma is a development and humanitarian worker bringing years of program management experience in emergency response and local economic development. His areas of interest are resilience-building, food security, and sustainable livelihoods.

Drei H. Castillo is an environmentalist and permaculturist promoting urban greenery and homesteading because she wants plant and animal species to outnumber humans. When she isn’t trekking the mountains and working with communities for ecological agriculture, Drei walks around neighborhoods to observe flora-fauna interactions in urban settings and is the general manager and homestead-keeper of the UrbanisMO Community Space in Project 3, Quezon City.

David Garcia makes maps. He is a geographer, urban planner, and geospatial analyst who works in places hit by disasters and conflict in the Philippines. Because of the disaster caused by Typhoon Haiyan, he did post-disaster planning, geospatial analysis, and urban design in a team of specialists under the United Nations. He’s worked in cities like Tacloban and Zamboanga, and is now working with the Marawi city givernment. He just returned from London, where he finished his masters program that was supported by the UK government through the Chevening Scholarships program

Abbey Pangilinan worked in the Department of SOcial Welfare and Development from 2010-2016. From 2013-2016, she served as the National Deputy Program Manager for Operations of the Philippine Conditional Cash Transfer Program (Pantawid Pamilya). Prior to working in DWSD, she has worked in the legislature and private sector. Abbey finished her BA in Political Science (magna cum laude) and MA in Urban and Regional Planning from UP Diliman. She completed her MSc in Urbanisation and Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science under the Chevening scholarship.

Tanya Quijano is a development professional with more than six years of experience in supporting, coordinating, and managing projects and programs in the social sector. She gained relevant skills and knowledge on social and human development through her years working for the Department of Social Welfare and Development from 2012 to 2016, serving as the Head Executive Assistant as her last post. She is a holder of an MSc in International Development Management from the University of Westminster, United Kingdom. Currently, she is doing consultancy roles in the field of project preparation, planning, and design covering sustainable infrastructure, value chain development, and climate finance, among others.