UrbanisMO Phase 1: Balik-Tanaw

Last Saturday we closed out the first chapter of UrbanisMO with a brief sensing workshop to review what we’ve organically achieved with this experiment, and where we might want to take it in the future.

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Despite this being something that we all do in our spare time, the initiative somehow spawned fourteen (14!) different activities across our multiple interests of inclusive mobility and transport, zero-waste management, peace and security, health and social welfare etc between February 2018 to June 2019. These things would not be possible though without the collaboration of partners as wide-ranging as Arkitektura, the Escolta community, the City Government of Pasig, the Provincial Government of Lanao del, Sur, Disgruntled Young Professionals (DYP), Effective Altruism Philippines, Likha Initiative, Young Focus Foundation, Limitless Labs, as well as the many individuals and community members who agreed to jam with us.

Schedule Event
February 2018 UrbanisMO Rockwell
April 2018 UrbanisMO Escolta
May 2018 UrbanisMO Podcast #1
August 2018 Makisawsaw: Condiment Making Workshop in Support of Nutriasia Strikers
September 2018 Ecobrick Workshops
December 2018 Food Security and the City (Podcast #2)
February 2019 UrbanisMO : Bike Any Means Necessary (Podcast #3)
March 2019 UrbanisMO: Health and Cities (Podcast #4)
March 2019 Lanao del Sur PDPFP Technical Workshop, Marawi City
March 2019 UrbanisMO X DYP X Sandata x Lente – Cities in the Time of the Drug War
March 2019 UrbanisMO X DYP – It’s Tubig A Problem
March 2019 UrbanisMO x Effective Altruism: How Do We Know If We’re Helping Effectively?
May 2019 UrbanisMO Zero Waste –  Sitio Anahaw (with Likha Initiative)
June 2019 UrbanisMO Zero Waste – Happyland Tondo (with Young Focus Foundation and Limitless Lab)

The next stage though demands a shift from these experimental, output-based prototypes into something ideally more outcome-directed and scale-able. Given how sparse the current urbanism-directed ecosystem is right now in the Philippines, there’s so much space for innovation, but so much more that needs to be done despite limited time, energy, and resources. 🙂

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata. 🙂

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