Bike Any Means Necessary

bikeanymeans-01 Tired of traffic? Sick of being stuck somewhere you’d rather not be? Feeling depressed watching government make no progress on transport, and even make it worse? It’s time to do something about it. Join’s panel of wheeled pedestrians to learn how to get to where you need to be. No motor vehicles required – join us and find out how to commute bike any means necessary.

Featuring our favorite commuters R A Siy Omi Castañar Jillian Roque and Aldrin Pelicano of mnl moves!

Jillian Roque is a development worker and activist. She has been involved in various social justice, human rights and environmental causes for over a decade. She promotes cycling as a sustainable mode of transport and has “biked the talk” since 2014. She does a lot of traveling for her work—both local and overseas—taking her bike wherever she goes. Jillian is passionate about pushing and redefining the limits of what she can do with her bicycle by going on solo, unsupported rides or joining long distance cycling events such as Audax. In her spare time, she enjoys reading comics, playing with her cats and dreaming of her next cycling adventure.

Omi Castanar is a person who likes to ride a bicycle everywhere he goes. He works on public financial management policies for the Philippine government. He’s been biking to work since 2013 and he has four titanium plates in both arms to show for it. When Omi is not on a bike, he likes spending his time playing board games.

Aldrin Pelicano is a father of two young children. He works full-time for an Australian infrastructure, environmental and social development company. He has academic training in political science, public administration and urban planning. Aldrin passed the local licensure examination for urban planners in 2015 and has worked with local government units update their land use and development plans. He is a folding bike enthusiast and daily bike commuter.

Rob Siy is an economist who specializes in the planning, delivery, and management of infrastructure projects, with a focus on public transit projects and policy.

From Shaw Boulevard MRT:
1. Exit Shangri-La through Mercury Drug Side
2. Walk down Lourdes towards Richmonde Hotel
3. Turn left at Pearl Drive

From Shaw Boulevard jeeps:
1. Get off at intersection of San Miguel Avenue
2. Walk towards Richmonde Hotel, turn right at Lourdes intersection
3. Turn left at Pearl Drive

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