A Call for Hands! Placemaking in Quezon City

We’re building a home, and we’d love to have you as a part of the family to get the ball rolling!

The Talisay Community Space, now simply called UrbanisMO, was born out of a sketch  for dreaming and scheming in the kitchen of friends. We originally visualized a whole home in Quezon City complete with spaces to meet and learn; a kitchen to organize soup kitchens and start a healthy carinderia; a garage to do bike workshops and repairs; an edible garden; and even a shower for anyone who would need it.

Since then we have opted to be more realistic and established our first home in a two-bedroom apartment tucked away in an alley full of loving neighbors. It’s a big-enough space to sustain all the heart work we’ve planned to do.

Our first call for interest—through an online questionnaire–showed us that most of what we originally dreamed of doing was the same thing many people also need in Metro Manila. A garden to grow, a teaching kitchen to be healthy, a garage to let our creativity with wood or metal soar, and most especially a space to meet and share our own skills to people who want to learn.


We’ve started this month with murals led by AG Saño and other artists, as well as an exploratory welding workshop to build ourselves a meeting table. We’re now looking for more people who would like to happily DIY this space with us before we officially open the space up. Ultimately, what we’re dreaming of is a space for conversations and opportunities for communities to share their skills and learn from each other.

Our target opening date would be mid-May 2018 but before then, we’ll have to:

1. DIY our sockets and smart lighting with Kuya Luis and Eugene, our volunteer Electrical Engineer and Green Architect
2. Weld tables, stools, and shelf brackets with Kuya Kayong and Eric
3. Paint up a storm with the help of Ivy, our volunteer Interior Designer
4. DIY Kitchen exhaust construction with Olan, our volunteer Electronic Engineer
5. Build garden beds and chicken coops because why not?

The UrbanisMO community space is at 4 Talisay Alley, Barangay Amihan, Project 3, Quezon City. It’s an easy 10-minute walk from Katipunan LRT or a Project 2-3 jeep ride from EDSA, Quiapo, or Quezon Ave. Our little alley cannot be found in Google Maps but the easiest way to get there is to look for that nub of a street near the Sampaloc Heritage Tree.


If you feel you would like to learn things such as wiring your own home for lights and electricity, constructing furniture, starting a garden, welding, and general DIY give us a holler by sending us a DM via Instagram @urbanismoph or Facebook. See you soon!

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