UrbanisMO: Escolta!

A lot of things are simmering away in the UrbanisMO kitchen and we can’t wait to serve them up piping hot in the coming weeks, as soon as they get ready.

Join us this Saturday, April 28, at the second UrbanisMO forum–this time, at the historic Escolta district in Manila. Usaping informality, gentrification, transportation, at heritage urbanism sa Maynila, atbp kasama nina Marco Antonio Luisito Villanueva Sardillo III, Chester Arcilla, James Nicolas Cruz, Patricia Mariano, at Via Ramos. Usual UrbanisMO suspects Abbey Pangilinan, Ica Fernandez, Miguel Dorotan, and Rob Siy will be around to co-facilitate and stir up the usual happy trouble. Hosted by Clara Buenconsejo and the amazing folks at The HUB: Make Lab!

UrbanisMO Escolta Poster

A few reminders for Saturday:

1. We have limited seats available. To be exact, we can only offer a maximum of 30 seats plus a free-seating banig area. Please arrive on time to make sure you get a seat.

2. Please bring your own water bottle. While we’ll make water (and ice!) available at the venue, we won’t be providing disposable cups to minimize waste.

3. Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/N8hAqV4CkiQ2
Fred’s is in the same building as The HUB.

Commuting instructions (dahil mas madali po mag commute pa-Escolta kesa mag Grab):

Via LRT-1:
Get down at Carriedo Station and walk towards BPI. (You can see it from the station.)
BPI is at the corner of Escolta, turn towards Escolta and walk across the short bridge.
First United Building is at the corner of the short bridge, the building with EastWest Bank.

Via LRT-2 + Jeep:
Get down at LRT-2 Recto Station.
From the station, walk to the corner of Avenida and Recto (approximately one block away).
Ride a jeep to Sta. Cruz Church. Get down at BPI, then turn right to Escolta.
Walk across the short bridge to First United Building (building with EastWest Bank at the corner).

Via Jeep:
Any jeep that passes by Sta. Cruz Church will pass by Escolta.

See you there!


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